I'll warn you now, I can be a real coffee snob. However, more often than not, if it has a caffeine content, I'll drink it. So I ask you, where's the best place for coffee here at the Shore?

In my real snob days, I used to only drink Starbucks espresso drinks, and not the syrupy sugar bomb kinds either...I'm talking two shots of espresso with some foam and a bit of raw sugar or maybe a smidge of whipped cream. I even worked at a Starbucks for a while, so my standards for a basic cappuccino are different than most (Foam should be creamy, dense, and SHINY! No giant bubbles!). Sure I'll get a caramel macchiato or hazelnut latte from time to time, but at this point, who wants to spend $4-$5 bucks on a coffee drink?

Lately, I've been going for regular coffee...and I hate most of Starbucks regularly offered drip brews. At home, it's Green Mountain Nantucket Blend from the Keurig, some cinnamon coffee creamer and a splash of milk. If I'm out, I'll head to Dunkin Donuts. Plain or Cinnamon coffee, milk, one sugar.

I can tell you though, I recently tried out Starbucks' Blonde roast. If you're into lighter roasts, it's pretty good.

And who can forget Wawa! Their Coffeetopia coffees from around the globe are LEGIT! The limited time blend at the moment is Brazilian -- super good and I'm a big fan of the Kona! Not to mention that any size Wawa coffee is only $1 this week!

There's always the Jersey standby too...does anything beat a good cup of diner coffee?

So leave your comments below, where's your favorite place to get a cup of Joe?