Now that the match up is set, which team is the Jersey Shore rooting for? Our latest Jersey Shore poll sets out to answer the question.

We start by saying that the Jersey Shore is home to so many Eagles faithful who have waited a long time for the chance to win the big game, and congratulations are certainly in order for an amazing season.

And of course, on the other side of things, the Patriots are going to yet another championship game. It is their 8th appearance in the big game since 2000. And this is where it gets kind of interesting.

There are a ton of Eagles fans in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, but there are also all those Giants fans around here. And there is no love lost between the Eagles and Giants with their longtime rivalry.

But those Giants fans also have a lot of strong feelings about Tom Brady and his Patriots with their storied rivalry over the years. Most Giants fans won't root for the Eagles (and of course it's the same in reverse).

But most of those same Giants fans wouldn't ever root for the Patriots, so which way will the Giants fans break? And let's not forget local Jets fans aren't the biggest Patriots supporters in the world, so we're assuming they will land in the Eagles column.

There's no need to assume anything though, because we are asking you to participate in our poll, so we can get the answer to the question 'who is your team this year'?

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