You ever come across a fun fact that just completely blows your mind? Gather 'round, 90s kids, because I have a doozy for ya.

I spent a good portion of my teenage years watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the live-action version, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Caroline Rhea and that creepy talking cat Salem.)

Did you catch the half-second shot of the exterior of the house (Spellman Manor) in that clip?

Okay, now brace yourselves.

Did you know the house is actually right here in Monmouth County??

It's located at 62 E. Main St. (Rt. 537), just steps from bustling downtown Freehold.

I have literally driven past that building dozens and dozens of times and never knew it!

Mind = blown.

Add it to the list of other local filming spots, like Canterbury Way in Howell (War of the Worlds), Monmouth University (Annie), Asbury Park Casino/Convention Hall (The Wrestler), Brooks Rd. in Toms River (Amityville Horror), and about a dozen locations in various Kevin Smith films, like the legendary Quick Stop convenience store in Leonardo (Clerks), Jack's Music Shoppe in Red Bank (Chasing Amy), and the Asbury Park boardwalk (Dogma.)

I might have to add checking out all these spots to the summer bucket list!

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