I don't think there is one industry or business that is not feeling the affects of the coronavirus pandemic.

We have been encouraging you to support local businesses from the start but there is one industry that I personally didn't realize needed help until now.

The fishing industry is struggling and we need to help them!

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Believe it or not, a majority of the seafood consumed is actually through our restaurants and not home cooking. The demand for seafood has gone way down because A LOT of our restaurants have closed.

This means that fisherman can only rely on markets and take-out restaurants for business and because of it, wholesale prices are at an all-time low. (Meanwhile, the cost for operating has stayed the same)

The supply is much larger than the demand.

So to help generate some extra business to keep things afloat, Shore Fresh Seafood and Fisherman's Dock have teamed up for an Outdoor Wholesale Market.

From Friday, April 3rd until Sunday, April 5th, Shore Fresh Seafood Market will be hosting the wholesale market from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the patio of their Point Pleasant Beach location. The address is 57 Channel Dr.

Some residents have voiced their concerns about hosting a wholesale market while also practicing social distancing but Shore Fresh Seafood is assuring everyone that a system will be in place.

We need to support our fisherman NOW so they can remain in business and still be around when everything goes back to normal.

Take a look at Shore Fresh Seafood Market's Facebook Page for more information on this event and for additional updates.

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