I'll be the first to admit that for all of our simpleness, men are not always easy to understand. We do strange things that are difficult to figure out. Well, now some experts are trying to get to the bottom of us.

We don't have all day to talk about all the bad habits men have, so let's just focus on a few of the one's that drive girls most crazy, and try to explain why he does what he does. A human behavior expert shared some thoughts on this with msn.com.

Let's start with Mommy. Maybe your guy always calls his mom for advice. Now, having a good relationship with your mom is one thing. Being unable to make a decision without him is another thing entirely. Experts say if he can't make a decision without his mom, he is still seeking her approval and he might not look to you as his "support system" because his mom already has that role.

Then there's the timeless problem of leaving the toilet seat up. It's annoying to you, and a little rude, but it may be more than that. According to the expert, it could actually be a power struggle and a sign that your guy would rather be right than happy. Wouldn't most guys rather be right than just about anything else?

And finally, there's that nasty habit guys have of leaving dirty dishes in the sink. The expert says it means he's thoughtless, not considerate of you, and probably a procrastinator. I'm guessing we didn't need an expert for that one.  

Look, I'm not defending guys when it comes to these habits, and I'm certainly no expert, but shouldn't we leave a little room for the benefit of the doubt for these guys? Maybe he calls his mom because he respects her. And maybe he leaves the seat up because he just forgot, and it's nothing personal or symbolic. And possibly he left the dirty dishes in the sink because he's lazy, but didn't mean anything else by it. Those scenarios are possible, right?

Maybe I should just leave it to the experts.

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