You keep choosing the 'bad boy'. You just can't seem to find Mr. Right. Here is what Stacey Rose, our relationship expert, has to say.

Dating. It's tough out there.

Whether you're crushing on a co-worker, searching online, or being set up on a blind date, how can you find the relationship you're looking for?

Our relationship expert, Stacey Rose from The Rose Relationship Learning Center, says there are some things you have to realize about yourself in order to choose a guy that's good for you.

Stacey says, first of all, that you have to learn to love and trust yourself. Become clear about what qualities it would take in a man so that you feel like you are being treated right.

Also, go by the guy's actions...not his words. If he says he is one way but acts another, that should be a red flag.

Know your deal breakers. If you are certain that you want a guy that doesn't smoke...then don't say about a guy you like that smokes "oh I can change that...I can get him to quit smoking." That won't work. No one will change just because you want them to. Take what you see at face value.

Which brings us to the female attraction to the 'bad boy'. Stacey says that many times we are sabotaging ourselves. Maybe we aren't ready or feeling worthy of a good relationship, and therefore we allow ourselves to be attracted to all of the 'red flag' features that won't lead to a good relationship.

Just because you have a desire to 'take care of' someone, or want to 'fix' someone, doesn't mean that you will be successful or that you will be the one to turn a bad boy into a good boy.

Again, figure out what you really consider good traits in the guy you want to spend your life with, and don't waste your time dating people that don't have those qualities.

Sounds simple...right?

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