Relationship Expert Stacey Rose brought her advice to our morning show today. Here's what she had to say.

Cheating. It's enough to break up any marriage...

...or is it?

Stacey Rose of The Rose Relationship Learning Center says she actually sees many couples come in that have decided they WANT to work it out and stay together even after one of them has been unfaithful.

Of course each and every circumstance is different, but Stacey says that there are times that a couple will consider long and hard whether they want to sacrifice everything they have built in their relationship and family, especially if there are children involved, and sometimes the answer is to stay together and work it out.

She says you should think long and hard about whether you believe you have truly done everything you can to save the marriage if you are considering walking away from it, so that you can look at yourself in the mirror and know you tried.

Stacey says there are times, though, that cheating has resulted in a couple realizing what was missing from or wrong with their marriage and the cheating has given the couple an opportunity to right what was wrong and work on giving their relationship another try while really paying attention to taking care of each other in the ways that each needs so that the relationship can thrive.

Stacey does say that there are also times when forgiveness doesn't seem to be an option and cheating is just a deal breaker and the one who was cheated on decides to walk away from the relationship.

Stacey says there is a really good book out there for couples who have had an infidelity inside the marriage called After the Affair, by Janice Abrams Spring.

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