Our Relationship Expert has some advice for you.

Stacey Rose from the Rose Relationship Learning Center in Ocean Township comes to our studios each Monday morning at 7:30.

This week a caller asked Stacey how she could get her husband to empty the dishwasher without her having to keep asking...because she doesn't want to be 'the nag'.

Watch this week's segment:

Stacey says there are several different 'love languages'. For instance, if the way you feel loved would be for your husband to do certain chores around the house that would help you out, then that's a conversation you should have. And, while you're at it, find out what love language is his, too. Maybe he needs to feel more appreciation for the things he does.

Stacey goes on to say that if the little things like leaving the toilet seat up really start to annoy you, there could be some underlying issues that need to be discussed. Maybe you need to share with him how you feel when he doesn't do something you wish he would remember to do. For instance, "When you don't empty the dishwasher, I feel like you don't love me enough to help take care of our home."

If you aren't yet married, it could serve you well to discuss with your fiance or boyfriend what it is you would expect from him once you are sharing a home. Maybe you don't realize that you would expect your partner to pick up around the house, and then, once you're married and he isn't doing what you consider to be his 'fair share', it leads to problems because of something you expected that you never shared with him.

Do you and your husband get into fights because certain chores don't get done without your 'reminders'?