Last week I went to a huge comedy event at Madison Square Garden, New York City Still Rising After 20 Years. It took place just a day after September 11th's 20 year anniversary. It was hosted by Jersey favorite and massive 9/11 fund advocate Jon Stewart and one of my personal favorite comedians Pete Davidson.  For those that don't know, Pete's Dad was a firefighter and was killed on 9/11.  When I heard they were throwing this event, I was all in even before I knew the laundry list of comedian royalty joining them...but now I'm worried for all my favorite comedians...they better get tested for COVID NOW.

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NYC Still Rising Madison Square Garden Billboard Photo credit: Shannon Holly

First of all, I would have taken photos for you guys but that was a non starter. Everyone's phones were locked in individual bags on the way into the event. In fact, one guy wormed his cell phone in without the lock and started to film during Chappelle's act....BIG MISTAKE. Dude got publicly shammed just short of getting a pants down spanking on stage for the effort. His phone was taken, the video was erased and he was physically removed from the venue. OUCH.

That wasn't the only surprise at the event...he wasn't on the bill, but CHRIS FREAKING ROCK surprised all of us and joined David Chappelle on stage. I loved every minute of their riffing. I was in comedian heaven...the line up was amazing and that is what worries me:

Dave Attell

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Bill Burr

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Dave Chapelle

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Michael Che

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Pete Davidson

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Jimmy Fallon

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Colin Jost

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John Mulaney

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Colin Quinn

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Amy Schumer

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Jon Stewart

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Wanda Sykes

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and others...

Then a surprise from CHRIS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is why I'm nervous for all my favorite comedians and anyone in the front row of the show...Chris Rock has just tested positive for COVID-19 and is urging his followers to get vaccinated because it is a BEAST.

Yesterday on Twitter Chris said,

Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.

Chris told the crowd to get vaccinated (you had to be in order to get into the event) he said, “I’m two-shots Rock, that’s what they call me,” although he joked that he actually had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which in his words, is "the food stamp of vaccines.”

Also, he joked that to get his hands on the vaccine he shoved Betty White aside to get it.  All kidding aside he has been super-vocal in the fight against COVID throughout the pandemic.  If he can get it, we all can so be careful.

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