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Olga Nayashkova

One of the advantages to be somewhat of a public figure for as many years as I’ve been is you know a lot of people.  One of the disadvantages of being around as long as I have been is you know a lot of people.  Let me explain.

In the 25 years I have done this segment I have never talked about pizza which of course is a food staple at the Jersey Shore and throughout New Jersey.  I love pizza and could eat it multiple times a week…actually I have on many occasions.  My personal preference is one that would be more of a thin than thick crust, heavier on cheese than tomato sauce and have the bottom a bit on the crispy side. As for toppings well sausage, pepperoni, meatballs and onions are welcome although not all at the same time and often just a plain pie works best.  I do like to mix in a white pizza from time to time and I’ll occasionally go with a grandma pie or Sicilian but for the most part I’m good with just a regular slice or two or three. I also love “bar pies” and they make for a great appetizer when out with a group of people before dinner.

So now that I’ve told you how I like my pizza you might be wondering why I’ve shied-away from getting into discussing this.  It’s actually quite simple as I must know at least 20 people who own or operate pizzerias/restaurants and they all have one thing in common…they believe theirs is the best!  Listen to them it’s personal and not endorsing their pizza is like saying something negative about their family. So what that means is if I put together a list of my favorite places and did not include them I would likely lose a friend and that’s simply not something I want to do.  So I keep my list to myself or for a discussion with some friends even though deep down I would love to do my own reviews which I think I would be good at.

In full disclosure I am not married to one specific pizza place and have many that I like but on a Friday night in the end it usually comes down to who can deliver in a timely fashion.

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