After seven years of talking about it, my college friends and I finally came together to host a Friendsgiving meal. I am so proud of the way that we all worked together to make this happen, and everyone did such a good job on their chosen dishes. I mean, just look at this table:

Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media
Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media

I made my aunt's sweet potato casserole and brought canned corn and canned cranberry sauce for everyone. It's got to be Ocean Spray, or you did it wrong.

One thing that I never really noticed until someone pointed it out to me on Saturday was that Ocean Spray labels cranberry sauce cans upside down. After closer inspection, I noticed the words "Open other end" written on the top. When I flipped the can over, I found the expiration date information.

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Of course, no one knew why this was the case, so I did what any normal person would do and called Ocean Spray to get to the bottom of this silly question that won't leave my brain five days later.

A very nice customer service representative named Britney explained everything.

First of all, Ocean Spray uses the two-piece can system because it is more environment-friendly. Basically, less metal means less waste.

Second, when the can is inverted during processing, it creates an air pocket within the can of sauce. When you flip the can upside down before serving, it's easier to slide the contents of the can out. So, Ocean Spray did this on purpose to better serve customers.

I am so glad I reached out to Ocean Spray for a very clear answer because this will be my little fact to bring to the Thanksgiving table next week.

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