She's a bright, ambitious young woman, a runner, with a rising social media career in New York City. None of that will stop Freehold's Kirsten Corley from landing on a Newark street in March.

Kirsten Corley (Facebook)
Kirsten Corley (Facebook)

She won't be alone. Several hundred volunteers will join her in a concerted effort to raise funds for Covenant House's ongoing commitment to restore the lives of children who also find themselves with no place to bed down except shelters and the mean streets.

Of course, it takes more than willingness to give up creature comforts for success. It takes money, as Kirsten learned when the nonprofit group contacted her to become a board advisor.

To that end, Kirsten's tossing a combination St. Patrick's Day bash and birthday party for herself, February 20 at St. Stephen's Pub in Spring Lake. It's open to everyone. All that a guest need bring is a contribution at the door for the cause.

As Kirsten explains, the money will benefit efforts to support homeless children in Newark, Asbury Park, Atlantic City, and other communities in New Jersey that Covenant House has identified.

"We have programs to try to help them get on their feet themselves, and start their own lives," she said.

"We get a box and a sleeping bag," Kirsten said. "The sleep-out is March 18. Leading up to it, we fundraise through events."

It also isn't Kirsten's first time in such a project. "The first time, last year, we did it in New York," adding that there are safety precautions involved.

"We had a secure parking lot and people watching out for us. We had this community of people who were coming together for a good cause. So it was kind of comforting, in a way."

She also observes that volunteers get positive feedback, even though they're committing to only one night.

"I don't think there's really any way to understand what it's like to be homeless, unless you are," Kirsten said, "but it opens our eyes as individuals, and it makes us just want to fund-raise harder throughout the year."

The Pucker Mob commentator arrived on her path in a fascinating turn of events..

"I work in New York City," she explained. "Initialliy, I had been feeding homeless people on the street and writing about it in my blog. Covenant House [in New York] came across it and asked me to join the Board. I have a friend who was trying to start a Board in Monmouth County. He asked me. Then I got involved in New Jersey and New York."

"I'm very happy to be a member of this," Kirsten said, "and to help with the tradition they've started in helping homeless youth."

Oh, and a testament to the health benefits of running - two days after the sleep-out, she expects to be fully recharged for a half-marathon.

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