Steven Van Zandt is coming out with an 'epic memoir" called Unrequited Infatuations to be released later this year. This get me thinking of how will people remember Steven Van Zandt? For some it will be as the kid who grew up in Middletown and pioneered the Jersey Shore sound that would lead him to Bruce Springsteen and make him arguably the "Silvio Dante" of the E Street Band.

Silvio Dante, as Sopranos fans know, is Tony's best friend and "consigliere" or second in command. Silvio Dante is the role David Chase created for Van Zandt after trying out for and not getting the role of Tony. It was perfect casting.

You could make the case that Van Zandt is the "Silvio Dante" of the E Street Band, especially when you see the two share a mic in "Two Hearts." He would be Bruce's second in command, a confidant who has the trust of the Boss the same way Dante has the trust of his boss, Tony.

As great as Steven Van Zandt's accomplishments in music are and they are great, he has his own label Wicked Cool Records, hosts his own radio show, and still plays in the E Street Band with Bruce, the iconic character of Silvio Dante will live in immortality for Soprano fans as the series has reached Springsteen-like fame. Thanks to the success of the Sopranos, Van Zandt has been introduced to a massive audience that doesn't know or care about Bruce Springsteen.

So the question begs to be asked, will Steven Van Zandt be more remembered for his work with Bruce Springsteen or Tony Soprano? Please take our poll.

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