According to Fox News, Pizza Hut is starting to test out pizza delivery by drones in Israel. There will be remote landing zones designated for these pizza drops and delivery drivers who work for meal delivery companies like Grubhub and Uber Eats, can then drive to these locations to get the order and delivery it to the customer. It's not just pizza that can be delivered, but there is a weight limit, so the order must be under 5 pounds in order for the drone to carry it. Pizza Hut says this is very cost effective and will get customers their food while it's still hot. Pizza Hut has a very detailed plan for this launch, which will begin in June.

There are some positive and negatives to using drones for deliveries. Amazon has been testing out drone deliveries for a little bit and I think it's cool because it will keep delivery cars and vans off the road which will definitely help our environment. I feel like we might be taking away people's jobs though. Although, I don't really know the logistics of drones. Does someone control them with a controller? Or are they just controlled by a computer? If someone controls them that could be a job position right there. Plus, it's no contact so people would definitely like that too. I am just worried about animals getting to my pizza before I get to it like a bird or even once it drops to the drop zone. No one better get to my pizza before I do. Pizza Hut could be onto something. Maybe this test run in Israel  will go well and Pizza Hut will start using drones to deliver pizza in the United States.

I know I am a Jersey girl and we have the best pizza here in New Jersey, and I don't get me wrong, I love my local pizzerias, but sometimes I crave Pizza Hut. I mean, stuffed crust is the best! I remember getting it when I was a kid and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. I would always beg my Dad for Pizza Hut when he would pick us up from my Mom's house and take us to his house for the weekend. Now, that I am dieting, the only pizza I really eat is Nutrisystem pizza, which is still really good, but I think when it comes time for my next cheat meal, stuffed crust pizza with sausage and pepperoni topping will hit the spot.

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