OMG this is chilling. To fully grasp what you are about to see I should explain the backstory.  Hannah and her boyfriend are early risers that wanted to take a morning jog.  All of a sudden Hannah felt that they weren't alone and she caught it on camera.

The state park that they went to is known for the "Grey Lady", a spirit that roams around in a grey cloak.  This video looks more like a dog running to me, but Hannah feels it is a sort of demonic energy that uses all four legs.  I guess you had to be there?

Here is the video, and the internet is saying that it does not look edited.  What do you think?  Did she stumble upon a real ghost?  I thought they take some time off after October?  Anyway, here is the moment, you'll have to watch it more than once.

Hannah said that she had her phone on her and when she started feeling weird vibes and her hair standing up on her arms, she took her phone out to see if she could catch anything on film.

I tend to think that they are telling the truth.  Who wants the entire internet coming down on them for a lie?  We've all felt that strange feeling that we weren't alone and our energy has to go somewhere right?  I just think if something is still roaming the earth instead of going to the light, it may not be something you want to mess with.

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