How bad does a grocery store have to be to get the title of "the worst grocery store in America?"

That is quite a statement, so let's break it down.

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Having worked at Shoprite as a teen I know firsthand just how hard maintaining a grocery store is.

There are so many aspects that go into making a pleasurable shopping experience.

How the brave men and women at grocery stores keep the peace is beyond me.

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Think about all the different varying departments that have to work harmoniously together.

Dairy, produce, front end, meats, seafood, prepared foods, frozen, pharmacy, floral, bakery, I know I'm likely missing a few.

Prices are a big factor as well.

We all know that Whole Foods is going to be much more expensive than say a Lidl. However, I've found that Shoprite is almost always more affordable than Stop & Shop.

That has to affect the overall grade, right?

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The Fiscal Times released its list of the 12 Worst Grocery Stores in America.

Full disclosure, the now-defunct A&P and Pathmark were rated more poorly than the grocery store I'm about to reveal.

Fun fact: Pathmark has made a bit of a comeback. After closing all of its stores in late 2015, they have relaunched one sole location in Brooklyn.

The "worst grocery store in America" is not unknown to anyone in New Jersey.

Google Maps
Google Maps

ACME. I was shocked.

I've always had really good experiences in ACME and have nothing bad to say.

From The Fiscal Times:

Acme’s shortcoming was on price, which received a less-than-satisfactory rating, though survey respondents were fairly satisfied with cleanliness, and neutral on food quality and service.

Oh, people also weren't happy that ACME ended its Free Turkey promotion. Give me a break.

I've never really thought ACME was that much more expensive than other grocery stores. Am I wrong? Let me know your thoughts.

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