Nowadays, it seems like people are only using social media to get into arguments. So it was incredibly refreshing to find this heartwarming story in a local Facebook group.

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We need more people like this in Ocean County.

A user in the Barnegat Township Chatter Facebook group shared a story that will restore your faith in humanity. While she was loading her groceries in her car at the Barnegat Acme, she became distracted and left her wallet in the cart (which had a lot of tip money she earned waitressing). A good samaritan returned the wallet with all of its contents in it. You can read the gratitude dripping in her post below:

Whoever turned in my wallet at Acme this morning and didn’t swipe the $500 in cash, you’re a saint. I worked all week for those tips, I’m a waitress at Lefty’s. I got off work late last night and was uneasy about a man sitting in a truck in the parking lot while I was loading my groceries and called my husband to stay on the phone with me. I must’ve just been distracted when I put the cart back. 
I wish I knew who you were….
Thank You!
Doesn't a story like this absolutely melt you? I think we've all been in a similar situation where we've felt that twinge of panic when we've left something important somewhere. It's incredible to know good people still exist in this world. Especially in our own backyard.
I hope the poster is able to find the good samaritan to give him the recognition he deserves.


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