It's been a great week for positive news around the Jersey Shore.

Recently, 94.3 The Point was representing at the Manasquan Intracoastal Tug. It was a blast getting to know families from Manasquan, Brielle, Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Wall, and many other New Jersey towns. When playing connect four and having side conversations with listeners, I couldn't help but notice how well mannered each kid was. I must have met over a hundred kids and each kid was polite. Every kid was saying, "Thank you." - "Yes, please." - each kid waited patiently in line. Some of them even worked together in teams. No kids were misbehaving, it was nothing but a memorable time...

I don't have kids yet and I understand this is such a simple topic, but it was really refreshing to see. It's a big reason why most Jersey Shore parents deserve a pat on the back. 

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More positive stuff...

In a recent Facebook post, I saw something that should also be highlighted. Most people at the Jersey Shore are good and this is a great reason why you should have a little faith in humanity. There is more good than evil!

Desiree from Barnegat wrote a Facebook post saying:

Whoever turned in my wallet at Acme this morning and didn’t swipe the $500 in cash, you’re a saint. I worked all week for those tips, I’m a waitress at Lefty’s. I got off work late last night and was uneasy about a man sitting in a truck in the parking lot while I was loading my groceries and called my husband to stay on the phone with me. I must’ve just been distracted when I put the cart back. I wish I knew who you were….
Thank You!

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We don't know who returned the wallet and we might never know but what a wonderful thing that person did. It's one thing to return the wallet, but to not take the $500?! Fantastic stuff! I know this person isn't Superman, but still! It's great to see. We need more of this! From well-mannered kids to trustworthy individuals, it's safe to say, there is more good than evil at the Jersey Shore!

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