See if your profession made the list of worst jobs this year!

Once again our profession is all over this list...but is yours?

This list is based on things like the amount of stress in your job, your work environment, job growth, outlook for your profession, and income.

So here is the 2017 list of Worst Jobs:

10. Taxi Driver

9. Retail Salesperson

8. Firefighter

7. Advertising Salesperson

6. Disc Jockey

5. Pest Control Worker

4. Enlisted Military Personnel

3. Logger

2. Broadcaster

1. Newspaper Reporter

SO.......what are the BEST jobs of 2017? Well, here they are:

10. Speech Pathologist

9. Occupational Therapist

8. Software Engineer

7. Mathematician

6. University Professor

5. Data Scientist

4. Information Security Analyst

3. Operations Research Analyst

2. Medical Services Manager

1. Statistician

Did your job make the worst or best list? If so, do you agree?

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