We are just weeks away from the new school year here at the Jersey Shore. Hopes are it will be a school year that is more “usual” than last year as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. I hope it will be less challenging for students, parents and teachers.

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Something that I have seen come up in conversation this week is the topic of “free lunch” at public schools for “all” students. This is an intriguing proposal as we still find ourselves in tough economic times for many. Some proposals are for just this upcoming school year. I decided to take this topic right to YOU at home and see what YOU think.

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Here are comments from you on the topic of “free lunch” for “all” public school students this academic year….

  • Beverly: Should be just for low income kids
  • Robert: 1. Someone must pay for it. 2. Breakfast for kids is just as important. 3. Redistricting and eliminating unneeded administrative positions could help fund this and other much needed programs and books, supplies etc.
  • Tony: schools in this state are not ready to start giving food away, I dont see this happening
  • Christopher: When the government gives something away for “free,” someone else has to pay for it.
  • Irene: Great idea!
    Not all children have nutritional support at home, for some schools are the only place for meals; but, they need to be nutritional meals not just pizza or potato sticks !
  • Frank: I think it’s a great idea. Many times it’s not only the low income children who go hungry. You never know what someone’s situation is behind closed doors. That said, no child should go hungry and I believe this is a good way to ensure all children are afforded a meal.
  • Donna: Totally agree we pay enough for the schools
  • Ericka: Nothing free. Someone pays for it
  • Carly: 100% agree
  • Karen: Taxes should pay for their lunch we pay a lot…Yes all kids should get a free lunch it also helps from the people that get it being Bullied
  • Anna: Well, prisoners get free meals, certainly kids should
  • Suzanne: It depends on what they are serving. Is it nutritious? I had also heard that there was tremendous waste. Uneaten food thrown out.
  • Christine: That’s how it should be
  • Leslie: Breakfast too. Too many kids come to school hungry. You can't learn when you're sitting there hungry.



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