When Lillie McCloud performed during the first week of X Factor, she got a standing ovation from the judges. What the show didn't mention though is that Lillie has had previous success in the music industry, dating back to the 80's.

Lillie says that she is proud of her successes in the past and it's up to the producers of the show to decide how much of a contestant's back story is shown, according to msn.com.

She performed under the name Nicole McCloud in the 80's and hit the Billboard Dance charts. She also apparently sang the theme song for "Slovakia's Got Talent" which is a part of the Simon Cowell franchise, according to the article.

Assuming this isn't breaking any show rules, and it sounds like it doesn't since Lillie says the show knows everything about her music industry background, then it doesn't seem to me there's any controversy here.

I hope not, because she is an amazing singer with an interesting storyline.