Okay folks....we have a little bit of a problem.

According to NYTimes.comCBSNews.com and RochesterFirst.com, millions of Americans are skipping their second COVID-19 Vaccine.

So far, 5 million people which translates to 8% of the total USA population have been confirmed that they skipped their 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine and I am baffled.

I understand if you do not want to or do not feel comfortable enough to get the COVID-19 Vaccine just yet. I know plenty of people who will be working from home for the foreseeable future so don't feel it is necessary just yet.

But if you do skip the second dose, I feel like you are wasting that first COVID-19 Vaccine which in turn could have gone to someone else whose goal is to be fully protected.

According to CNBC.com, receiving one single shot of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine is only 80% effective in protecting you from infectious diseases.

Our goal is to have everyone 100% protected because that is how we protect everyone, even those who are considered high-risk. Plus, aren't you ready for the world to return to "normal?"

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And this virus is still considered to be pretty new. Only being 80% protected may partially protect you, but there is no proof that still wouldn't possibly be a carrier.

According to interviews, people are skipping because they are scared of the flu-like side effects or they feel protected from the single dose of the vaccine.

In regards to the flu-like symptoms: I get it....it is nerve wrecking. But wouldn't you rather deal with 48 hours of symptoms for six month's to a year's worth of protection?

Plus, by the time we have to get another vaccine, the hope is that health professionals will be able to work out the kinks so the side effects won't be so extreme.

If you don't follow the health professional's advice, you are still at risk to get COVID. Everyone I have spoken to who has had the coronavirus has said it is not worth the risk because they were miserable.

In regards to one dose being effective enough: I don't understand why you would only want 80% effectiveness against a virus that has literally shut the entire planet down.

Just to put it into perspective: an 80 was considered to be just barely passing in college and there is no "passing" with a virus. It is either you are healthy and able to fight the infection or you are not.

So if you are ready, go get the COVID-19 vaccine! But please....don't skip that second vaccine.

During these crazy times, we do all have to do what we are comfortable with.

But what is the point of only being partially protected for a fraction of the time?

Do you agree?

Here are the sources for this piece: CBSNews.com, NYTimes.com. RochesterFirst.com and CNBC.com

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