Have you ever traveled somewhere (back when that was a normal thing to do), and said something that you always hear in New Jersey, but made people ask "what?"

For me, mine is always "what are you gonna do" meaning "oh, well that sucks." When I say that to anyone who isn't from New Jersey, they don't realize it's a conversation ender and proceed to tell me what they plan on doing. I thought it would be fun to hear some other phrases that only New Jerseyans say. Check em out:

"You KNOW you're from NJ when you say THIS." Comment what comes to mind!

Posted by 92.7 WOBM on Friday, March 5, 2021

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"Cawfee" - (Bo in Somerville)
"Bennys" - (Kimmy, no town listed)
"Down the Shore!" (Robin, no town listed)
"Wooder" (Bob, no town listed)
"You's guys" (Shari in Beachwood)
"The both of yas" (Jenn, no town listed)
"Pork roll, egg and cheese" (Allison in Brick)
"Saying 'how ya doin' as a greeting without actually caring how a person is doing" - (Kacy, no town listed)
"Take the jughandle" (Lisa in Toms River)
"Let's stop at Wawa" (Sue, no town listed)
"What exit?" (Kerry in Manahawkin)
"Fill it regular, please" (Carol, no town listed)
"Are you getting a slice or a pie?" (Liz, no town listed)

How many of these phrases have you said? I feel for everyone who listed "cawfee." I always get asked to repeat that whenever I say it because people find it funny. And let's not get started on "galamad," or "mozzarell."

But it's all part of being from New Jersey, and we love it!

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