I know, I know it's winter, but we have to think warmth.

Now, many of you are saying, "Sue, I love the snow." Sorry, I'm thinking warmth and the beautiful beaches of Ocean County. I personally can't wait for spring and summer. Recently, we had you vote for the best beach in Ocean County.

The WINNER of the #1 beach in Ocean County (Top 6 Beaches)

Honestly, we have the best beaches. It doesn't matter which beach you head to, the sand, the ocean, it's an awesome feeling and where we live - you can't match it. Yes, we have to deal with a lot of vacationers coming to our towns and filling up our roadways, but we have what they all want. I appreciate the fact we see the most gorgeous sunrises right here in Seaside Park on a beautiful warm Friday morning. Or we see the best sunset sky in Pt. Pleasant Beach on a random Wednesday evening.

The one thing we always complain about is paying to get on our beaches. I just wish that since we're Ocean County residents we would get a FREE pass, maybe just one summer. Wouldn't that be nice?

Whether you visit our beach in the summer, spring, fall, or winter you will love it. I think there's always been a little bit of competition between Monmouth County beaches and Ocean County beaches that extends down south and further north, also. If you are to ask someone that lives in Brigantine and someone that lives in Seaside Park, they'll always choose their beach as the "best". And, it's the truth. Yes, I love visiting Cape May, especially in the summer but it doesn't beat the LBI beaches, no way.

Do you agree with Island Beach State Park being number 1?

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