Jeff Youmans left recently, right after college graduation, to ride his bike all the way across the country to help kids with cancer.

Jeff lost his uncle Matthew at the early age of 45, when he died of a very rare form of cancer. But before his uncle passed away, he started a foundation to help others, called PMP Warrior.

One of the recipients of this philanthropic project is a hospital that helps kids with cancer. So Jeffrey is riding for the teen cancer support group SOMBFAB and Rady Children's Hospital.

Jeff's parents are so proud and supportive of him....although I'm sure you can understand a mom's worry about his safety on such a journey. I know I will be praying for Jeff.

(Jeff with his mom Lisa)
(Jeff with his mom Lisa)

So far he has made it to Ohio (or further, by the time you are reading this!), and we will try to have him call into our show with updates about his cross-country adventure early next week!

If you would like to make a donation in order to support Jeff and all those kids fighting cancer, CLICK HERE!

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