Jeff Youmans left on a bicycle from his home in Pt. Pleasant right after his college graduation. Why? Because he has a huge heart for kids with cancer.

Jeff Youmans (left) sent these photos of those he has met along his journey so far.

Jeff called in from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, this morning. That's how far he's biked so far. And the reason is because he wanted to do something extreme to draw attention to kids with cancer, and to support a teen group called "Some Of My Best Friends Are Bald", or SOMBFAB.

Jeff's mom and dad (Lisa and Jeff) are supportive and checking in with him often, but I can only imagine the worry that goes along with watching your child bike into the sunset.

(Photo from Jeff Youmans)

As Lisa put it when she came on our show last Friday, all she saw was her 7-year old, not a grown man, waving goodbye.

Jeff told her he wants to be able to say he dipped his bike tires in both oceans...even though it will probably take him most of the summer to reach the west coast.

Jeff sounded in great spirits when he called in to our show this morning, and we hope that he will keep us posted with updates all summer along the way. He has had to stop for hail and tornadoes, but has been wonderfully surprised by the kindness of strangers along the way who have offered him meals, shelter, and even a few bucks for emergencies.

(This sweet couple took him in for a night and fed him, photo from Jeff Youmans)

Otherwise he has been camping most nights since it's obviously more dangerous to bike at night.

In the meantime, please show your love and support of Jeff with donations or messages!

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(Photo from Jeff Youmans)
(The people you from Jeff Youmans)

(Photo from Jeff Youmans)