What would it take for you to sacrifice your warm, safe, comfy bed for a cold, hard, billboard high in the sky? Could you do it? WOULD you do it?

Andy Chase, from our sister station 105.7 The Hawk, goes above (pun intended) and beyond when it comes to families where a child has a cancer diagnosis.

For years now, every October, Andy has spent a week living on a billboard. He used to do it in Brick, and then the location changed a few years ago and this crazy event has since been held in Toms River.

This year, despite the pandemic (or maybe because of it) Andy was hoisted up onto the billboard in the Target/Lowes shopping center on Hooper Ave. yesterday.

He does all this to raise attention, awareness, and support for children with cancer and Ocean Of Love, a non-profit that helps these kids and families in so many ways. Due to Covid, this wonderful organization has had trouble raising funds (as have so many other non-profits whose fundraising events had to be cancelled.)

(Andy Chase)
(Andy Chase)

So this billboard fundraiser takes on added meaning as Andy strives for a big number and asks for your help if you can find it in your heart to make a donation, big or small. Andy has lofty (again, pun intended) goals and wants to reach $105,700!

If you're driving along Hooper Avenue, swing by and wave or beep to Andy or stop and keep him company if you can! After all, he's got plenty of time on his hands and no place to go.

Andy, as you sit atop that billboard high in the sky I am praying the weather is decent and that you can get a little sleep and stay safe and warm up there. I couldn't do it, so I am thanking you now for helping so many kids and their families out there.

Andy will be calling our morning show all week from up there to check in. Listen at 8 am!

Andy's hope is to reach his goal by Thursday night and then get down off of that billboard and back to the comfort of the ground and a cozy bed at home with no wind whipping by trying to knock him down!

To find out more about the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon and Andy Chase, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to donate.

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