All this week my friend Andy Chase from our sister station 105.7 the Hawk is living on a billboard in Toms River to raise money for an incredible local organization -- and he needs your help!

Andy Chase billboard 2015
Andy Chase

It's the Ocean of Love billboard radiothon, and the goal is to raise $105,700 this week for a local group helping sick kids.

Ocean of Love is a Toms River-based non-profit charity that helps Ocean County children with cancer, as well as their families.

They provide both emotional AND financial support, paying for things like treatments, gas cards for families to get the kids to and from the doctor, and paying other bills for them like regular household bills and mortgage payments.

It's a great charity that helps out families right here in our area.

The radiothon ends tomorrow, October 23rd at 7 p.m. Until then, you can stop by and see Andy, living on that billboard around the clock in the Target/Lowe's parking lot on Hooper Ave. in Toms River.

If you can't stop by to make a donation in person, you can certainly still help the cause by making your donation online through

As of noon today, they've raised just under $42,000, so there's clearly a long way to go. Every little bit helps, even if it's just some spare change in your car.

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