Who says you can't spend it before you have it? You can turn your daydreams into reality and be up to $10,000 richer starting right now with Lou & Shannon's $10k Cash Codes.

Win cash, up to $10,000, with Lou & Shannon's $10k Cash Codes!  We know our listeners at the Jersey Shore want cash to pay bills, take a long-awaited dream vacation, share with someone in need, or just spoil themselves! To win cash, listen to 94.3 The Point weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm at the top of the hour for a new code every hour from Lou & Shannon.  When you hear it, open our station app, click on Win Cash, and enter the word you heard.  We’ll have daily cash winners weekdays and a $10,000 grand prize winner!  PS – Tell a friend to play too and help spread the wealth!


Lou & Shannon have your chance to win $1,000 cash or a grand prize of $10,000. Starting now, there are ten chances to win each day and winning is as easy as listening for the Cash Codes and coming back here to enter. The more Cash Codes you enter, the better your chances at winning some big bucks.

Here's How It Works

  • Hurry! Do this right now: set your radio, download our app, or ask Alexa to listen to 94.3 The Point every weekday.
  • We'll give you 10 Cash Codes throughout the day - be sure to listen all day long, because we'll give you hints about when the next code is coming, too.
  • Enter each word you hear on our 94.3 The Point app.
  • We'll draw from all correct Cash Code entries and reward $1,000 twice per day.
  • One player will be randomly drawn for the biggest stimulus check anywhere — $10,000. The more Cash Codes you enter, the better your chances.

Enter Your Winning Words Now

You've got at least one of the 10 words we gave you on-air today? Great! Enter them on the Win Cash contest page.

The easiest way to play is via our 94.3 The Point app, get it at the link below.

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