Brick Police arrest a suspect on probation believed to be involved in at least two attempted sexual assaults on the Sawmill Bike Trail.

Josh Guarino (Brick Police via Shore News Network)

Police arrested 23-year-old township resident Joshua Guarino after he allegedly attacked a woman who was walking her dogs on the trail Monday afternoon.

According to a police press release, the victim said the white male suspect ran up behind her, attempted to pull down her pants and pushed her to the ground. She said the suspect fled after a brief struggle ensued where she kicked and screamed, drawing the attention of another person walking on the trail. The Good Samaritan exited the trail with the victim in the area of Colorado Park and contacted police.

Township police said a systematic search of the area and the description led them to Guarino who was taken to police headquarters and charged with Monday's incident and another attack on April 10th when a female jogger was attacked. Guarino faces 2-counts of Criminal Sexual contact and 2-counts of Invasion of Privacy with bail set at $10,000, no ten percent option. A no-bail warrant was also issued by the State Superior court for Guarino for probation violation.

Brick Police said an ongoing investigation is being conducted by Detectives Gregory Mullarkey, Michael Bevacqua, James Burgess and Daniel Waleski. Anyone who believes they may have additional information is asked to contact the Brick Township Police Detective Bureau at 732-262-1120.