Her hair may be blue, but Katy Perry's face is definitely red after this comment.While it clearly wasn't malicious, Katy Perry dissed Beyonce while doing an interview with BBC Radio 1 in London.

It started when she was talking about a possible collaboration with her BFF Rihanna.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Katy said she wanted a duet that's to be iconic and empowering, rather than sexy, like Shakira and Beyonce's "Beautiful Liar". She said she would prefer to do something like The Eurythmics with Aretha Franklin collaboration on "Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves."

When Katy realized she laid the smack talk down on Beyonce, she tried to save herself by saying, "Although that is still a great song... I loved that but I definitely want to do something which is iconic."

Yikes. Good luck with that one, Katy. (Though I can't say I disagree with what she said!)