This Saturday, the Open Space Pace takes place in Freehold. It starts with a parade through town, then a full day of harness racing at Freehold Raceway and wraps up with a Southside Johnny concert. It's during the day of racing that I will take on Liz in an actual harness race!

I have been training for the race for a few weeks now, as you can see in this video, because I have to beat Liz in this race. I want to be the one standing in the winner's circle at Freehold Raceway. I can't afford not to. I don't want to walk into the studio Monday morning and have to hear it from her, and for that matter, everybody else on the staff.

I'm the one who opened my big mouth about this race, so now I have to deliver! Seriously, it's going to be a fun day for the whole family, so don't miss it! Get all the details on the Open Space Pace and a very big day in Freehold by visiting their website!