The Avengers

‘The Avengers’ Gets an Honest Trailer
With the arrival of the film on Blu-ray, it's time to better assess the relative strengths and weakness of 'The Avengers.' Though the film was easily the most entertaining blockbuster of the summer, it's not without its faults. All of which are analyzed in the film's &qu…
No Matter What’s #1, The Avengers Keeps Getting The Headlines
Snow White and the Huntsman grabbed a very solid $56.3 million this weekend to knock MIB III out of the top spot. The Will Smith flick pulled in just over $29 million, and although it's already out of number one, it has grabbed over $112 million in those two weeks. But the story again this week…
Battleship Can’t Sink The Avengers!
A beautiful weekend at the Jersey shore didn't keep people from heading to the theaters, and what a weekend at the box office it was! The unbelievable, unprecedented run of  The Avengers continues as it brushed aside newcomer Battleship to maintain the top spot at the box office.
The Avengers Keeps Breaking Records
On Friday's morning show I mentioned the battle between The Avengers and Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows would be an interesting one since it seems almost automatic that a Johnny Depp movie always seems to bring in $25 million just because he's in it. I was right a…
Avengers Shatters Opening Weekend Box Office Record
Just when you thought all the talk in the movie world this year would be about all the money The Hunger Games made, The Avengers completely shattered the record for an opening weekend by bringing in over $200,000,000 this weekend.
Avengers Getting Mostly Rave Reviews
I guess we can start calling it summer season for movies. May is here, and so are The Avengers! I did a little research and almost every review I've seen is a positive one. Some reviewers didn't love it though, like one review I read at