My Friend The Squirrel Is Wrecking The Garden
Over the winter we all know it was warmer than usual, so many of us spent more time outside. I know I did. While I was hanging out on my front porch, I met an adorable little squirrel. I figured it was winter and he must be hungry, so I'd throw him some nuts every once in a while.
Breakfast: Aren’t Donuts Easy…And Delicious
I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I know eating healthy is so important, but at 4:30 in the morning, when I'm at the coffee shop, I don't have the time, and frankly the will power, to pass on a beautiful, fresh donut.
General Hospital…Really?
I found myself at a business yesterday that had a TV on in the waiting room, and I was going to be there for a little while.  Good news, right? Well good news if you're a fan of General Hospital. I know it's not written to be horror, but I was pretty scared.
I Think My 6 Pound Dog Has Completely Taken Over [POLL]
I was sitting next to my wife yesterday while she was doing something on her phone. I looked down to see which picture of me she had as her background. We have this little tradition of having a cute picture of us on each other's phone (awwwwwww), only in this picture I look suspiciously like a …
2012 Arthritis Foundation Walk May 6th In Farmingdale
This morning, we had a chance to meet and talk to this year's Arthritis Foundation Youth Honoree, 4 year old Sadie Ribot, along with her mom, Melissa and this year's medical honoree, Dr. Dickerson, as well as Director of Community Development, Katy Bazerque. It was great spending time with them and …
The Loss Of My Beloved Flip-Flop
I am always talking about my beloved flip-flops. They are a sign of summer, they are comfortable, and they make me happy. They're everything good about the Jersey shore wrapped up in a beautiful, yet simple type of footwear. They are my friends. And now they are gone.
Do Real Men Admit This? [POLL]
Guys can't usually admit when they're wrong, but I learned yesterday we have no problem to confessing to complete ignorance, even when it comes to "guy" stuff. And lots of women know it!  Here's what happened.
Bon Jovi Has Worst Hair In Latest Survey
It's absolutely not true, and there was no survey, but I was sitting here thinking what headlines Jersey shore residents would be most flipped out by and that one popped right into my head. I could think of more and I'm sure you could too.

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