With all the craziness going on in the world right now let's take our thoughts and do something fun! I was recently asked about some fun facts that people would not know about me just by looking at me. It got me thinking. Wow, there are so many things people do not know about each other until they fill out a random quiz on Facebook. So I racked my brain and instantly came across 10 fun facts and I am going to share them with you to maybe lighten your mood.

  • 1

    I played high school football. Yes on the boys team and yes I did get playing time. I was a defensive tackle and only played one season, but I played! I even hurt one guy and made another one cry. You know who you are! Sorry but that's the game! HAHA

  • 2

    I also played softball. With that being said, I am still a beast in the batting cages!

  • 3

    I really went to cosmetology school so I can get my license to learn how to properly do my own hair and nails! Oh and I love to educate my friends and family on proper hair care! Yes, I do their hair too!

  • 4

    I used to dream of being in the Olympics.

  • 5

    When I go to my son's football games, my mouth can be heard for miles. Well, maybe not miles, but the team on the opposite side of the field can DEFINITELY hear me!

  • 6

    I am a REAL JERSEY GIRL! I like pizza, beer, Windmill Cheese fries and sports! I love rocking my favorite jerseys and my flops, but I love my girlie shoes, makeup and dressing up for events! I can be the sweetest person to everyone, just don't cross me. #JerseyGirlAttitude

  • 7

    When life throws me lemons, I catch em, squeeze em in a glass, add ice and vodka, and drink it all up! Life is too short to be anything but happy! Everything happens for a reason, so I just thank god for my blessings and keep it moving!

  • 8

    My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the TV show The Walking Dead, apple picking, pumpkin picking, and visiting haunted houses. I may pee my pants, but I love it anyway! I have a washing machine to clean up the mess! When I worked at Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure, my character was a lunatic ghoul that lived in a padded cell in the Asylum! I had fun literally scaring the pee and poop out of guests coming through! You guys know who you are too!

  • 9

    When I was 5, I dressed up as Dracula for Halloween. My grandmother made the costume and my mom brought me into the woods behind our house to take pics of me. When we went inside, I looked in the mirror and I was TERRIFIED!!! I screamed and cried, and needless to say did NOT go Trick Or Treating that year! TRUE STORY!!!

  • 10

    I work super hard to make things happen in my life...meaning I try to make my dreams come true. Pretty much everything I have ever wanted to do, I have done. Give or take a few major things of course, like throwing out the first pitch at a NY Yankees Game! A girl can dream, can't she?!

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