If you are celebrating a birthday at the Jersey Shore and you are waiting for birthday wishes, you better keep your devices handy.

In our most recent Jersey Shore poll, we asked Jersey Shore residents which is the most likely way you'd wish happy birthday to your friends and non-immediate family and the results are in.

If you are waiting to hear the voice or see the face of those wishing you happy birthday, you should be prepared for some major disappointment. And if you're waiting at your mailbox for a card, be prepared to be there a while.

The most common way to wish happy birthday at the Jersey Shore is by text, with 39% of those who responded choosing that method. In a close second was a Facebook or social media birthday message (31%).

So how about a good old fashioned call to say happy birthday?. That's the choice of only 15% of Jersey Shore residents. Only 8% would send a birthday e-card, and another 8% would drop a card in the mail.

For me, the big surprise was the percentage of Facebook birthday messages, which I thought would have been much higher, since it's so easy and you don't have to actually remember anyone's birthday!

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