Over 700. That's the number of sea turtles that have already become stranded this fall along the east coast.

Sadly, hundreds of those stranded did not survive. With so many failing to migrate before the water temperatures became too cold, this season has been brutal for rehabilitation hospitals trying to make room for the critically ill and injured patients.

Sea Turtle Recovery is our state's only long-term care hospital, and with 5 patients already in house, the full-time staff of just TWO humans didn't hesitate to take on more patients.

Sea Turtle Recovery rescued a Loggerhead sea turtle and seven Kemp's Ridley sea turtles that needed care.

They say it's why Sea Turtle Recovery started their hospital. Because all species of sea turtle are either threatened or endangered and each life matters!

Having been open for only two years, Sea Turtle Recovery has already rehabilitated and released 27 sea turtles back into the wild and have high hopes for the 13 now recovering inside their hospital.

(Photo courtesy of Sea Turtle Recovery)
(Photo courtesy of Sea Turtle Recovery)

From lung infections to boat propeller strike injuries, they care for each sea turtle and help them head. They don't give up, and their human caregivers don't give up, either!

Sea Turtle Recovery is a nonprofit that is located inside the Turtle Back Zoo, where you can, during daylight hours, catch a glimpse of the hospital and its sea turtle patients. (To keep them on a normal day/night schedule for release back into the wild, it's lights out at 6:30 pm.)

It can be an overwhelming feeling to see the sea turtles gaining strength and fighting to recover.

And you may remember that last summer we were treated to seeing some of these incredible animals released onto the Point Pleasant Beach with the help of Jenk's Aquarium, where they headed to the ocean and back into the wild where they belong. It was an incredible experience to witness.

For more about Sea Turtle Recovery, their efforts, and how to donate, CLICK HERE and HERE.

And while you're on the website, consider adopting a sea turtle. This makes a great gift and helps cover rehab expenses like food and medicine!

CLICK HERE to see the footage of the sea turtles that were released earlier this year in Point Pleasant Beach!


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