After a six-week medical malpractice trial, a young girl in Wall Township has been awarded $17 million dollars after leaving a medical procedure with brain damage at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Kelsey Heaney, who is now 16 years old, underwent surgery when she was 7 years old and was put on a ventilator for ten days after coming down with a severe case of pneumonia.

However, the medical malpractice allegedly happened when Dr. Charles K. Dadzie took the ventilator off too soon. Dr. Dadzie took of the ventilator while she was still under sedation and as a result, basically suffocated the at the time 7-year-old. Heaney went into cardiac arrest and had to be shocked three times before getting a stable heart beat.

As a result, she suffered severe brain damage to the part that affects her ability to process information. According to her attorney, she cannot even remember her three digit locker code at school and cannot remember what she was doing five minutes ago. She now has a full time aide to help her get through the day.

Kelsey's parents, Richard and Kristen Heany, "were crying when the verdict came was validation."

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