There are a lot of Jersey Shore residents who would return 2020 to their place of purchase if they could only find the receipt, and there seems to be no end in sight to this year’s ability to surprise us.

Clearly, COVID has cast a shadow on this year unlike anything we could have ever imagined happening, and now it seems like some of the less earth shattering things, and frankly, more common things are magnified way out of proportion when added to the pandemic.

As an example, having a tropical storm this time of year is certainly not out of the realm of possibility, but Isaias wasn’t just a tropical storm. It had to leave us with power outages the likes of which we have to seen since Sandy.

And what’s next? Cue the sharks. Of course, we all know that sharks are relatively common around the area. We have met Caroline this summer, we all remember Mary Lee and we know there are more.

But bull sharks in the Navesink in the Rumson area? There have been sightings and rumors, but no confirmation yet, according to You are, however being advised to use caution before heading into the water in the area.

We all know the bone chilling story of the 1916 attacks that inspired Jaws, so no one around here will take this news lightly.

It’s just another chapter in the surreal world we call 2020, and if this year so far is any indication, there are undoubtedly more surprises around the corner. 2021 just can’t get here fast enough!

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