14-year-old Emma Mae is alive, and that is a miracle. But her life will never be the same. And now a second arrest has been made in the hit-and-run that could have killed her.

According to the Point Pleasant Patch, 28-year old Kyle Ramos from Seaside Heights is charged with fourth-degree hindering the apprehension of another person. He was released on a complaint summons.

26-year old Brittany Keifer from Point Pleasant was previously identified and arrested as the driver who hit Emma Mae. She turned herself in at police headquarters accompanied by an attorney. She had driven home after hitting Emma and her car was hidden under a tarp (according the the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office.) Brittany was also released on a complaint summons.

Meanwhile, the damage caused to this beautiful, young teenager will go on for a long, long time and change her life. Sweet Emma was very, very blessed to survive being hit by a car on Aug. 9th on Rt. 88 and Sunset Ave. after landing on the hood and windshield, where she remained until she was flung when the driver kept going. But she suffered tremendously and, from what I hear, the head injuries have left her unable to fulfill her dreams of being a gymnast and cheerleader. She was just about to enter high school and had so much to look forward to.

Concussions can also cause other damage.. including pain way beyond what a 'normal' person would experience, along with tremendous mood swings and even a change in personality. But the worst pain could be the emotional pain of being told you can no longer do the one thing that brought you so much passion and joy. Ever again.

Not to mention what it must be like for Emma to ever get on a bike again or trust in a world where someone can get behind the wheel of a car and kill you. I can't imagine, as a mom, what I would do to help one of my teen boys if they suffered that kind of physical and emotional trauma. The fear, anxiety, and depression that could result from such a nightmare is something that makes my heart go out to both Emma and her mom.

I pray all the time that Emma will be able to enjoy her high school years and get the physical and psychological help she needs to once again experience life with happiness and hope. I pray that she finds new passions and that her friends in the cheerleading community continue to include her and shine love on her life.

I pray for Emma's mom who has not only the nightmare of what happened to her daughter on her plate, but the added pressure of the bills she must face from the hospital, doctors, and ongoing therapies that Emma needs.

Fundraisers for Emma continue, so if you spot one I hope you will continue to give. Or, here's the link to the gofundme in her name in case you would like to donate.

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