There are a lot of things we wish for this time of year. But this list of three is a little different than most.

We all wish for health for our families, peace in the world and many, many good things, And this Christmas season is no different. But this Christmas wish list is a little different.

This is a list of specific things Jersey Shore residents might like to see changed in the upcoming year that would check a few things off the pet peeve list.  So here are three things I think Jersey Shore residents would live to see in the upcoming year.

(1) No more tourists in the left lane. Just admit it, the only people who really know the rules of the left lane are Jersey residents. So leave the left lane to us. Do your 40 mph in another lane.

(2) Circle classes before you get a New Jersey drivers license. Do you ever feel like you're the only person on the circle who knows the rules? That's probably because you're the only person on the circle who knows the rules.

(3) Something besides gas that's cheaper here than somewhere else. How sick are you of paying more for just about anything than everybody else on the planet? Me too.

Some of these are more random than others, but I think all of them would make a better Jersey Shore in their own way. I know none of them will happen, but I can dream, can't I?

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