We all feel pretty lucky to live in a place like the Jersey Shore,but as August creeps by, we start to adjust our reasons to love living here.

So let's look at 3 more reasons we love living at the Jersey Shore, and this time we'll give it a bit of an August twist...

Still time for summer without the travel....If you haven't dined on the water, walked on the boardwalk or swam in the ocean, it's just a few minutes or miles away. so you haven't missed the boat...yet.

Humidity relief...We're usually yearning for some cool weather by now, but we've had some breaks in the humidity recently. Yeah for us!

Pretty soon it will be ours again...We love our guests, we love the business, but we also love the fact that we're just a few weeks away from "our" summer. It's a bit cooler and a lot less crowded!

Add those to the list of reasons we love the Jersey Shore, and don't forget to get out there and do all the things you wanted to do this summer. There's still plenty of Summer 2017 left for us to enjoy!

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