We do a lot of things well here at the Jersey Shore, but the thing we've mastered like no the is the art of complaining.

Now, I don't want to paint residents of the Jersey Shore as just complainers...far from it. We are a fun loving bunch who just happen to be confronted on a daily basis by challenges that people from other places just don't understand.

And we seem to have a pretty regular schedule and list for the things we complain about. It's so consistent that we thought we could actually come up with a monthly Jersey Shore Complaint Checklist.

I figured we'd focus on this month and the upcoming couple of months. Remember, this checklist has been updated for current conditions.


It's too cold.

We got snow.

Too much rain.

Ridiculous potholes.

Too much construction

Too much wind.


It's not warm enough.

Nobody fixed the potholes.

Here come the bennies.

My allergies are bad.

Construction still isn't done.


It's too hot.

The bennies are everywhere.

Too much traffic.

The restaurants are crowded.

No parking.

Beach and boardwalk are packed.

I think that's pretty comprehensive, but I'm sure there's something you thought of that I didn't, so please let me know what you think should be added to the lists and I'll be glad to do it.

And remember this. We complain because we have a lot to deal with here at the Jersey Shore. The complaining doesn't define us. It's just a part of living here. We are good at taking the good with the bad. And it's not good to hold stuff in, right?

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