If you live at the Jersey Shore, you know that there are certain things you just won't agree to do in the summer.

We thought we would list 3 of the top reasons someone at the Jersey Shore would pass up an invitation to an event, dinner, party or any other type of social function that may be scheduled this summer.

Parkway and the weekend. If you're planning a party and it means I have to be on the Parkway on a summer weekend, I'm probably going to say I have plans even though I don't.

Long driveway. If you live within a mile of the beach and you don't own a parking lot or at least have a long driveway, I'm most likely going to tell you I'm fighting a cold, even though I'm not.

It's not the heat it's the humidity. When it's 100 degrees and humid, there's one place many of us like to be. Inside...our own house preferably. So the kids may have a "soccer game" that day.

Don't take it personally. This is just the trifecta of summer at the Jersey Shore. Traffic, no parking and humidity. Three things that don't make it onto the tourism brochures.

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