We love the Jersey Shore. At least most of us do, but either way, do we ultimately take it all for granted?

We know all of the things that get under our skin here at the Jersey Shore, especially this time of year. But aren't all the things that drive us crazy just signs that other people want to be here?

Yes, the traffic is ridiculous and the beaches are crowded and the parking is a nightmare, but all of those things are signs that people want to be where we are, and spend their precious free time and hard earned dollars to be here.

Many of us soak in each day of Jersey Shore summer and that's awesome, but for the rest, and sometimes I find myself in this category, we have to take a deep breath, forget the stress and enjoy every minute of summer. Before you know it, we'll be screaming because the snow plows haven't made it to our streets yet.

And for those who just can't get passed the aggravations of a Jersey Shore summer, there is, of course, still hope. it's a little thing called 'our summer' and it's actually only 36 days away.

No matter what it takes to get some enjoyment out of this summer, let's get that enjoyment and let's appreciate what we have (beside the traffic).

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