As you go about your day here at the Jersey Shore, you know you say it to yourself at least a few times a day. "Why"? Let's investigate when we say it most often. 

There are so many times that 'why' is not only an appropriate word to use, but frankly, it's the only word to use. Let's talk about three times we are left uttering the word 'why'.

The mailbox. You stand there and slowly open that bill you've been dreading and realize it's 100 bucks higher than you expected. "Why"???

The roads. Beeping at the green light, getting cut off, getting know the drill. It's another day on Jersey Shore roads, but the way people drive certainly gets you one free "Why"????

The congestion. Too many people, too little space, Too many shoppers, not enough spots. too many cars, not enough lanes. Let's all say it together. "Why????"

These are far from the only times we yell it, but they certainly are some of the more popular ones. We ask why a lot at the Jersey Shore, but when all is said and done, most of us wouldn't change a thing.

Alright, maybe we'd change a few things, but certainly not everything. after all, if we changed everything, when would we ever get to yell "Why"???

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