It's Halloween season and the party schedule is filling up. Maybe one of those dates on your calendar is the office Halloween party.

We actually had our party yesterday here at the radio station, and it was awesome. And it was great for a few different reasons. So we came up with three good reasons to love your office Halloween party.

All work and no play. We all know the saying, but it really is true. We spend so many hours with co-workers, it's nice to be able to be working together on something other than work once in a while.

Office bonding. The more creative you get with the costumes, the longer everyone will talk about them and that makes for some great laughs and great memories.

Costume is set. If your party is early like ours, you don't have to worry about racing for a costume on October 30th, when all that's left at the costume store is a Bill Clinton mask and a ripped Princess Leia dress.

Free food bonus reason. It's inevitable that if there's a party, there's going to be a meal in there somewhere, and who can say no to that. And in New Jersey, where nothing seems to ever be free, this is a nice exception.

We had an awesome party and our group did a Game of Thrones theme. In case you were wondering, that exceptionally handsome and mysterious Tyrian Lannister is me.

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