With only days to go before the trick or treaters will be ringing your doorbell, we thought you might want to know New Jersey's top 3 Halloween candies.

This time around, the source of the the list is delish.com. And they have listed the top Halloween candy in every state. So which candies top the list for the Garden State this year?

It looks like New Jersey is a Skittles state. That is our #1 Halloween candy. Rounding out the top three are Tootsie Pops and M&M's.

I would have definitely guessed that the top Halloween candy in our state would have been chocolate. Give me a Snickers, Milky Way or Three Musketeer anytime, and you can even throw in those M&M's.

Maybe I don't speak for everyone in the Garden State on this one, but I'm pretty sure if you put a bowl of assorted candy on your desk at work, people would shuffle past the Tootsie Pops to get to the Reese's Peanut Butter cups, don't you?

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