Are you going to be handing out the good candy this week? Here are the Top 3 Halloween candies in New Jersey.

Different publications have different opinions on the top Halloween candies here in the Garden State, but Candy Store has released their list of the chart-toppers in each state for 2018, and New Jersey's top 3 is pretty solid.

They used over a decade of data to come up with the list, so here they are. Does your candy supply for this Halloween pass the test?

(3) Tootsie Pops

(2) M&M's

(1) Skittles

For the record, Skittles and M&M's topped the national list as well, but Snickers came in third nationwide. For the peanut butter lovers out there, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups finished 4th, and somehow Candy Corn came in 6th place nationwide.

And here are some more Halloween facts for you to digest (sorry). It is estimated that $2.6 billion will be spent on Halloween this year. That's a cool billion more than that big Mega Millions jackpot last week. That's a lot of candy.

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