Halloween is less than four weeks away, so if you want to stay ahead of the late October costume mad dash, you should check out the Shore's top kid's costumes for this year.

Now, this wasn't exactly a scientific process, but we did ask many Monmouth & Ocean County moms what the kids were thinking when it came to costumes this Halloween, and here's what they had to say.

First of all, about half the moms said the kids hadn't made a final decision yet, which of course adds to the pressure with the Halloween clock ticking. But of those kids who had decided, it looks like the Incredibles theme leads the way.

We had plenty of votes for Violet and Dash, and even a few Jack Jack's, so if the kids love the Incredibles, you should act on that sooner than later.

There were also votes for Hans Solo and Wonder Woman and Vampirina got some mentions as well. And, unless some minds change in the next few weeks, we will definitely be seeing some dinosaurs from Jurassic World, too.

The balancing act for parents of course is to wait long enough to give the kids time to change their mind for the "last" time and not waiting so long that you can't find the costume.

We will continue to update you on some of the most popular costumes in our area as the season heats up.

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